Furniture Warehousing and Storage


Furniture Warehousing and Storage

BestMoving has facilities prepared to safeguard furniture and personal belongings that are available for short-term storage during a move and for long-term storage.

The professionalism of our furniture warehousing services is reflected in the excellent quality of our storage. We store each client’s belongings in enclosed, independent, individual modules. We control every detail, such as the temperature and humidity of the facilities, to ensure that the wood in each piece of furniture is not affected by environmental conditions.

Furniture Warehousing: Closed, sealed units to store furniture and objects from residential and corporate moves.

Large Volume Storage: We store industrial machinery or any other large objects on shelves adapted for storing oversized items.

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Backed by Quality and Experience
We are backed by more than 25 years of experience. We were awarded the TowardsExcellence prize for our quality and punctuality
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All Types and Any Amount
Guarda Muebles
24-Hour Surveillance
At our facilities, we have 24-hour surveillance by security personnel, surveillance cameras, alarms that notify police and all items are covered by comprehensive insurance.

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