Residential Moves

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Residential Moves

At BestMoving, we are specialists in residential moving. Our professionalism and efficiency is backed by more than 25 years of experience that has allowed us to learn every detail of residential moving, guaranteeing our customers’ peace of mind.

As part of our residential moving services, customers can choose from an extensive catalog of services to find those which best suit their needs or their budget. You can choose from the simplest move, in which we only transport your furniture, to a comprehensive residential move, in which you won’t have to worry about a thing. We take care of everything: packing belongings, disassembly and assembly of furniture and more.

For residential moves, if the customer wishes, our personnel can take charge of packing all belongings (content in furniture), whether it bedinnerware, glassware, books, clothing, porcelain figurines or any other object that needs to be packed. We have all materials necessary, such as special boxes for glassware and dinnerware, wardrobe boxes for transporting clothing on hangers, protective covers for mattresses: everything needed to pack furniture and belongings properly. If the customer wishes, we can take care of each and every detail of the move.

We have furniture assemblers and even professional cabinetmakers on staff who will disassemble your furniture at the place of origin and deliver them to your new home perfectly assembled.

Mudanzas Hogar
Backed by Quality and Experience
We are backed by more than 25 years of experience. We were awarded the TowardsExcellence prize for our quality and punctuality
Mudanzas Hogar
Packing of Belongings
We pack all types of belongings and home furnishings
Mudanzas Hogar
Disassembly and Assembly of Furniture
Our carpenters will disassemble the furniture and assemble it again at the destination

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