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Intercom vs Drift vs Zendesk Marketing Strategies

intercom blog vs zendesk

However, if you really want to get a taste of what makes Intercom a good product, you will have to really pull out your wallet. As you can see in the above image, the next plan in line costs $400 more per month. In the Accelerate plan, you can give access to 10 users, and pay 49$ a month extra per user that you want to add. The most important nugget of wisdom to take with you is that disparate data creates a disparate customer experience. If you’re ready to deliver a relevant, cohesive experience at every stage of the customer journey, contact Mole Street today to dive deeper into your technology needs. As for cost, ClickDesk offers a generous free tier that supports up to ten agents.

  • It gives detailed contact profiles enriched by company data, behavioral data, conversation data, and other custom fields.
  • The goal was to intercept Google searches for Zendesk alternatives and reconnect churning customers back to the Zendesk universe.
  • This is ideal for enterprise customers with very specific feature requirements.
  • Also, when it comes to Twitter, this seems to be the most used channel to connect directly with users/clients.
  • Additionally, Front allows customers to self-serve with its self-service portal feature which can be customized to match your brand’s look and feel.
  • Earlier, I wrote a full article on Intercom pricing and how everything is put together more in-depth.

Additionally, one of the center features that I love using is the customization options that actually offer a rather original journey for the customers. Let it be custom properties, custom surveys, or custom reports; you can shape everything according to your team’s and customers’ needs. These robust features are mostly related to the chat features, such as a chance to customize chatbots, provide a more extensive customer satisfaction survey, and give product tours regarding the chat software. The level of customer support offered by the alternative should be considered.

What is HubSpot Service Hub?

Freshdesk is one of the popular brands in the customer service market. Also, watching close competitors’ marketing activities will underline how could you improve your strategies, based on competitors’ data and results. As seen above, Zendesk had reached higher engagement during the last year. The company’s engagement on Facebook is 20 times bigger than Intercom engagement, and 76 bigger than Drift’s Facebook engagement. Of course, to have a realistic perspective over those graphics, we should not forget to take into account Intercom, Drift, and Zendesk’s estimated Social media followers from those channels. Also, when it comes to Twitter, this seems to be the most used channel to connect directly with users/clients.

  • Choose a tool that provides excellent customer support and resources to help you resolve any issues that may arise.
  • Zendesk has over 160,000 customers, including some well-known brands like Siemens, Uber and Instacart.
  • And best of all, they can be easily received in a Team Inbox to benefit from all the advantages of a shared inbox.
  • The most important nugget of wisdom to take with you is that disparate data creates a disparate customer experience.
  • If you’re looking for a Zendesk alternative that’s easy to use and cost-effective, Groove might be a great fit for your business.
  • These options offer similar features and functionality to Intercom, at a more budget-friendly price.

Each of these alternatives has its strengths and weaknesses, and by taking the time to consider your specific needs and goals, you can find the perfect solution for your business. If you’re familiar with Intercom, you’ll notice that Crisp provides many of the same features, but at a more budget-friendly price point. However, it’s important to keep in mind that it may not have all the advanced features of Intercom.

Intercom Pricing

With Zendesk, you can easily sort or filter your tickets using parameters such as date, ticket priority, tags, source, and more. Now, when it comes to customizing your dashboard and making it suitable for your unique needs, Zendesk does a good job. The tool can be integrated with 500+ business apps including Zendesk Explore, which offers you relevant omnichannel analytics and customer engagement metrics. To cater to the needs of different businesses and teams, Zendesk offers multiple integration options.

intercom blog vs zendesk

In fact, CallMiner reports that $35.3B is lost every year by U.S. businesses due to customer churn caused by avoidable customer experience issues. The Zendesk Suite was launched in 2018, and bundles together the service’s Support, Guide, Chat, and Talk capabilities. Zendesk Support acts as a digital help desk, allowing businesses to collect, track, prioritize, and solve customer service tickets. This wouldn’t be a list of best live chat software solutions if they couldn’t provide the functionality you need. We think they’re all great choices that are suitable across different needs. Our advice is to demo each solution and see how it fits into your workflow.

Zendesk VS. Intercom for Customer Support: Pricing

With mParticle, you can connect your Zendesk and Intercom data with other marketing, analytics, and business intelligence platforms without any custom engineering effort. Now that we’ve discussed the customer service-focused features of Zendesk and Intercom, let’s turn our attention to how these platforms can support sales and marketing efforts. Zendesk started in 2007 as a web-based SaaS product for managing incoming customer support requests.

intercom blog vs zendesk

In today’s world of fast-paced customer service and high customer expectations, it’s essential for business leaders to equip their teams with the best support tools available. Zendesk and Intercom both offer noteworthy tools, but if you’re looking for a full-service solution, there is one clear winner. Why don’t you try something equally powerful yet more metadialog.com affordable, like HelpCrunch? It combines live chat, chatbot, knowledge base, in-app messenger, and auto message functionality with help desk features like shared inbox, customer profiles, tags, etc. Zendesk and Intercom also both offer analytics and reporting capabilities that allow businesses to analyze and monitor customer agents’ productivity.

Zendesk Pros and Cons

AI and ML make customer service functionalities like chatbots, sentiment analysis, ticket creation, and workflow automation possible. All these features are necessary for operational efficiency and help agents deliver fast, personalized customer experiences. Basically, if you have a complicated customer support process, go with Zendesk for its help desk functionality. If you’re a sales-oriented corporation, go with Intercom for its automation options.

intercom blog vs zendesk

Using Intercom, users can communicate with clients via email, live chat, push notifications, and in-app messaging. These options enable companies large and small to reach the right people on every platform at the right moment. Jetdocs is an internal collaboration platform specializing in internal ticketing for organizations with built-in Teams & Slack integrations. And no, not just for notifications, anything you can do in the Jetdocs web app, you can do in the same interface within your Teams account.

Intercom VS. Zendesk: Which Live Chat Software is the Best?

The clothing rental company, Le Tote, uses an automated trigger feature to offer help when its customers are lingering at the checkout. While the basics of getting started with Intercom or Help Scout are pretty straightforward, questions are bound to come up. One would think that most customer service platforms would be known for great support experiences, but this isn’t always the case. The report refreshes every 60 seconds and provides an overview of your conversation backlog, active teammates, user wait time, and KPIs like SLA miss time, first response time, and CSAT. If a customer wants to show you something on their screen or have you cobrowse with them so that you two can fix issues collaboratively, they won’t be able to do that in Intercom. Instead, they’ll have to send screenshots or you’ll have to switch to a platform like Zoom.


This feature is available on all the channels your customers use to get in touch with your brand. Intercom Inbox has features that vaguely remind Zendesk Support, but the offered package Acquire customer (Messages and Inbox) is more paralleled with Zendesk Support + Chat. You can publish your knowledge base articles and divide them by categories and also integrate them with your messenger to accelerate the whole chat experience. If you’re a huge corporation with a complicated customer support process, go Zendesk for its help desk functionality.

Polytomic – automation and integration

Zendesk Chat shows up as a chat bar docked at the bottom of your site. Alexa is a Growth Marketing Specialist at Help Scout, where we make excellent customer service achievable for companies of all sizes. Tailored to help you identify your customer support needs, this guide will help you find the right solution, simplify your purchase decision, and get leadership buy-in. In fact, 33% of respondents to a HubSpot survey listed having to repeat information to multiple support reps as the most frustrating aspect of getting help.

intercom blog vs zendesk

What is better than Intercom?

Olark. Best Intercom alternative for small businesses in search of a live chat solution. Olark is a live chat software system that allows you to engage with customers instantly. Website visitors can easily contact your business directly through a chatbot on your website with this live chat feature.

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